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As one of the leading wholesale companies to offer 100% made in the USA non-GMO organic & recycled  apparel we have created a program to suit the needs of your eco conscious customers. We offer many styles of women’s organic cotton apparel including tops, bottoms and bras with an emphasis on versatility and printability.  Our cotton is 100% GOTS certified organic and free of GMOs, chemicals, insecticides, pesticides and latex. Our recycled apparel is a blend of our organic cotton and polyester made from recycled plastic bottles which ensures they stay out of landfills. Heal the earth one shirt at time. We care. About quality, about fair wages, about keeping jobs local, about the earth and our impact on it. That’s why we created this non GMO 100% organic cotton and recycled plastic line of women’s apparel. We use only 100% Organic and Recycled textiles. Our clothing can be traced from field to skin, to ensure that every step of the way our final product is the highest quality with the smallest impact on the earth. Complete transparency from beginning to end.
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